Friday, October 06, 2006

education_standards.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Toward an online collaborative interlinear project

education_standards.pdf (application/pdf Object)

I am thinking about launching a collaborative online interlinear project. I am looking into Web-based software that will facillitate the production of a "peoples'" interlinear. There will be two levels: a core of scholarly or near-scholarly members and a secure interface for their work, and a public interface for the Web community at large to contribute toward an English gloss for each Hebrew word. Each interface will have two modes: 1) Lexical mode and 2) Frequency mode.
In the lexical mode each word to interlinearize with an English gloss has a pull-down menu of all the lexical possibilities for translation based on a wide selection of lexicons.
Secondly, the frequency mode will produce a list of words that have been chosen to gloss the Hebrew word based on frequency. The second mode will be the mode visible to the general Web community. Each time someone enters a word as a possible gloss, the word will be assigned numeric weight based on a number of factors. The users will need to be a member of the subscribers group to post a possible gloss. The scholars ultimately decide in close cases of what the final gloss will be; however, the choices in most cases will be based on voting weight.
The details are still roughly meandering within my skull. Should anyone else out there ever read these posts, feel free to contact me with suggestions. Web designers' opinions about how to proceed would be useful, although we have Web savvy members on board, who are always ready to listen and work with others.
All time spent on this project will be without enumeration. A good place to start any project is philosophically, hence the reference above to the PDF produced by the American Bible Society, in their attempt to produce some early guidelines for the production of Bible study materials, which is what an interlinear gloss should be considered to be.

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