Sunday, October 19, 2008

Libronix search short-coming.

Morris Proctor offered a search tip on his Logos blog. One of the comments was that you would have to either locate the word to right-click it, or use Basic Search. I took a look at the DLS Object Model documentation (must be purchased), and I found that Basic Search is the only way to get the results the commenter wanted. Why? Because Libronix does not fully support jscript, but only a sub-set of the functionality. For example, it should be possible to enter in user-code and assign it to a button, but unfortunately, Libronix does not allow you to prompt the user for input. That's why Mr. Proctor did not offer a handy script. You can display a message box, but only the click events are passed back to the method, e.g., OK, Cancel, Yes or No. So, my advice would be to create a button to run Basic Search on the toolbar (and assign a short-cut keystroke). That's as close as anyone will get with the current object model implementation. :(

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