Friday, May 29, 2009

Christ Conspiracy Gnosticism in 'A Course In Miracles' all Weekend on Aeon Byte!!!

Since 1977, 'A Course in Miracles' has taken the alternative spiritual-seeking world by storm, both with great fanfare and often great controversy. We explore its history, tenets and ultimate rewards. We also discover if the timeless wisdom of the Gnostics is part of the fabric of 'A Course in Miracles', as well as other esoteric schools. And does its message resound in the core theology of The Gospel of Thomas, the Valentinian tradition, and other Gnostic legacies?
Astral Guest-- Rogier Van Vlissingen, author of 'Closing the Circle: Pursah's Gospel of Thomas and A Course in Miracles'.
Topics Discussed:
--The kernel theology and psychology of `A Course In Miracles', as well as how it exactly works to aid spiritual growth.
--The Gnostics elements of `A Course in Miracles' including an illusionary world, salvific knowledge, an Cosmic Christ and more.
--How certain popular esoteric books like Gary R. Renard's `The Disappearance to the Universe' and Ken Wapnick's `Love Does Not Condemn' complement `A Course in Miracles' as well as tie it to other occult ideologies.
--Understand the eclectic Pursah's translation of the Gospel of Thomas and how it stands up to other translations.
--Breaking down the Gospel of Thomas and other Scripture to find the timeless message of `A Course in Miracles'.
--How the Apostle Paul is the antithesis of `A Course in Miracles' as well as other schools of thought that seek enlightenment.
And much more!!!
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