Wednesday, July 22, 2009

[Real World Atheism] Is this abusive relationship intensely immoral?

Dispraxis writes:

The parallels, here, with the biblical book of Job, should be obvious, though unstated throughout.


A story about a wife, a husband and a third party (either a friend or a rival of the husband:
"The friend/rival says, 'Your wife loves you now, but let us mistreat her and see if she renounces you.' The husband says, 'Sure, go ahead, do what you want with her.' Accordingly the wife gets beaten, her children get killed, her property gets destroyed, and so forth. She cries out to her husband over the injustice of it all, since she was a good wife (even by the husband's admission). The husband does not apologize, does not even try to explain himself, but merely shakes his fist at her and says, 'Who are you to question me?' He shows no remorse, only his power. The wife meekly submits to his authority, even agreeing to love him all the more. Is this not a rather typical abusive human relationship? Perhaps the husband will even promise to be good, even buy her nice new things and give her more children. Are we to suppose that she should welcome this arrangement, that she wants to seek a 'deeper relationship' with her abuser? Wouldn't the woman in the
audience that night advise a real abused wife to leave the home, seek a safe woman's shelter, and perhaps even initiate a divorce? That is, to get away, to deny her abuser? Isn't the husband's action reprehensible and inexcusable, and any advice to stay in this abusive relationship intensely immoral?" --David Eller, PhD

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