Monday, August 10, 2009

[JesusMysteries] Talmud Shabbat 116A

The story contained in page 116a-b of Tractate Shabbat is very interesting. The philosopher min (heretic) is not identified as a Christian in his meeting with Rabban Gamaliel in approximately 100 CE, and the philosopher-judge tells Rabban Gamaliel that since the destruction of the Temple the Torah law has been abrogated. As some sort of Christian, one would imagine a direct reference to Jesus/Yeshu as the reason for the abrogation (according to Paulist Christianity) or at least the coming and death of the Messiah (according to gospels).Yet this is not mentioned. All that is mentioned is a less that direct reference by Rabban Gamaliel in his debate with the philosopher to Matthew 5:17, which obviously already existed in 100 CE. I supposed this is a veiled argument against Paulist doctrine. Yet the person doing the abolishing is never mentioned by the philosopher.Just an interesting piece of documentation. We see no reference to Jesus himself or to Paul or
to anyone else who the philosopher heretic may have been following.
David S

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