Friday, August 07, 2009

[TC-Alternate-list] AUTOU in John 3:16-17

It's been explained elsewhere that the posessive pronoun is not always necessary in Greek, as in Acts 21:40, where there is not doubt as to whose hand Paul was waving. But the question may arise in John 3:16-17 as to whose only son God gave, in those mss that don't include AUTOU (and not all of them are consistent in whether they include it in both verses).
Then there's the evidence from Aleph, where the corrector added AUTOU to v. 16 but not to 17. Thus it appears that the AUTOU was not absolutely necessary, but was added anyway as a stylistic gesture. The other explanation, of course, is that because it was not grammatically necessary it was easily dropped in transmission, and only sporatically restored. Certainly the influence from Aramaic would have inclined John himself to include it.

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