Thursday, August 20, 2009

[TC-Alternate-list] New File: Critique of All Five Chapters of "Perspectives"

I have completed a chapter by chapter critical review of "Perspectives on the Ending of Mark: Four Views," and added it to the Files here at TC-Alternate. I offer an analysis of the solutions provided by Daniel Wallace, Maurice Robinson, J. K. Elliott, and David Alan Black, as well as the chapter by Darrell Bock. The reviews pretty much speak for themselves.
Looking back at the book and the conference that spawned it, a few casual observations:
(1) Dr. Elliott's approach seems a lot more convoluted in the book than it seemed at the 2007 conference.
(2) Dr. Wallace has as much difficulty getting his facts straight and seeing the obvious in the book as he did at the conference.
(3) Dr. Black's chapter is largely an excerpt from his earlier book "Why Four Gospels."
(4) It is still a mystery to me what Dr. Bock was supposed to be doing. But if he was supposed to be serving as moderator, he didn't do his job.
(5) I can resist the temptation to award Dr. Wallace the Most Reckless and Overrated Bible Scholar of the Decade award, but I might succumb to the temptation to give him the nickname Obelisk. It might be good for him.
Yours in Christ,
James Snapp, Jr.

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