Monday, September 14, 2009

See the Redesigned CSI Web Site

Dear John Felix,
The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI) is proud to announce a new design and new enhancements to the former Web site at
The Web site began in 1996 by volunteer Patrick Fitzgerald, starting with just some basic information about the magazine and CSICOP. Over the years, more and more features were added, such as the inclusion of magazine content, a storefront with merchandise, and Web-exclusive content. Recently, the in-house Web development team headed by Alan Zoppa at the Center for Inquiry began the redesign and update.
Zoppa said “This isn't just a content refresh or a redesign, the site has been nuked from orbit and rebuilt from the ground up. Today on, you'll find a site on the bleeding edge of emerging Web standards. I've kept all our favorite articles from Skeptical Inquirer and Skeptical Briefs in place, but they're now cross-indexed by issue, author, and column. You can subscribe to anything or everything with RSS, or watch for updates on Facebook and Twitter.”
Barry Karr, executive director of CSI, said “We needed an overhaul of this Web site for a while, based on e-mails and talking with our subscribers.”
As with those first early Web pages, the new Web site will feature the publications of CSI, Skeptical Inquirer and Skeptical Briefs, as well as a description of the mission of CSI. The later additions will also be included, such as the online store, and our Web-exclusive columns by Austin Dacey and Chris Mooney. Some of the newer Web 2.0 technologies are being utilized and featured more prominently, such as linking to Facebook and Twitter, and RSS feeds which will help link-up with bloggers. The URL,, remains the same.

Tim Binga
Director, CFI Libraries

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