Thursday, February 04, 2010

Portland Humanist Examiner: Religion: Idaho Baptists face conspiracy, kidnapping charges in Haiti

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Religion: Idaho Baptists face conspiracy and attempted kidnapping charges in Haiti. 10 Idaho Baptists who tried to smuggle 33 children out of Haiti into the neighboring Dominican Republic have been charged with conspiracy and attempted kidnapping,... Read more »

Portland Humanist Examiner, Micha J. Stone

Micha is a freelance writer and truth seeker. Micha adopts an optimistic stance that entails self determination and the dignity and worth of all people. More than simply negating the supernatural, Micha will investigate the human condition where politics and religion intersect. Informed by science, inspired by art, and motivated by compassion, Micha's task is to question the world in pursuit of the good. With an eye toward human and civil rights, church and state, oppression and discrimination, life and death; Micha will explore all manner of intolerance, bigotry, and injustice. The task is to explore and expose inhumanity, while promoting the humane, the just, and the wise.

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