Tuesday, June 02, 2009

[TC-Alternate-list] Coming Soon: Planned Projects for TC-Alternate

Coming soon, God willing:
(1) The complete Greek Uncial Archetype of Mark. Chapters 1-14 are already available.
(2) A Greek uncial text of Jude alongside an English translation, with a few text-critical footnotes. Waitaminute; this is already online, as of today! This is a vestige of some work I did on Jude years ago with another researcher. (I wish I could get that Greek uncial font I made to work on the new computer.) The reading in verse 5 does not reflect my thinking; I favor "KURIOS" not "IHSOUS," and suspect that the origin of the "_IS_" variant depended on a sloppy copyist writing a two-stroke "K" with the bar separated from the rest of the letter. But the evidence is finely balanced; Wasserman prefers KS; the ESV adopts IS.
(3) A short essay on how numerals were represented in Greek.
(4) A collection of links to the many valuable and useful text-critical resources at Google Books and Archive.org .
If there is some resource that is not yet provided, please make your wishes known. Or if you have a resource and would like it to be available to others in the Files, send it on over for consideration!
Yours in Christ,
James Snapp, Jr.

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