Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dispraxis was edited

Dispraxis writes: I was trying to reproduce the search results from Logos Bible software as shown in the video here:, but the video doesn't show the last part, and for some unknown reason Dr. Heiser cannot access the saved query as shown in the video apparently.

However, my total results were different (317 as opposed to 322). I have since created a syntax search that does give 322 returns, but I'm not sure that the syntax is exactly like Dr. Heiser's. Below are links to the saved syntax query search (do not click the link, rather save it to My Documents/Libronix DLS/SyntaxQueries, if you own Logos Bible Software only!).

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File Elohim as subject of a SINGULAR predicator.lbxstq

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  1. Dr. Heiser updated the original post here: Addendum to my Elohim Sitchin Searches. I also created a link to this syntax query in the comments section (it isn't published yet). He deleted the saved query file!