Saturday, August 01, 2009

[JesusMysteries] David Rohl on YouTube

--- In JesusMysteries@, "Cami McCraw" wrote:
> --- In JesusMysteries@, Michael Turton wrote:
> > > > David Rohl makes this very point in his "A Test of Time" with regrds to the proposed New Chronology (which I am open to, but not endorsing here). Older ideas die out as those who adhere to them die out. It's only a matter of time, folks!!
> ***Hi Michael & everyone,
> The moderators may or may not allow this, but since yall are all posting about 'A Test of Time', I wanted you to know that it is finally available once again- and for the first time on a DVD instead of old VHS tapes.
> -Cami

Dear JesusMysteries group,
Thank you to all who responded to the David Rohl DVD post of last
month. A few folks had wanted some free video samples, and they can be found at YouTube, in the center of the page:
-Cami McCraw


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