Saturday, May 23, 2009

Christ Conspiracy Saving Christiany All Weekend on Aeon Byte!!!

Saving Christianity. The Abrahamic faiths are on a collision course. Churches are empty across the Western World. Christianity has become a mile long but an inch thin, faltering under a fast changing society of science, reason and logic. Is this the beginning of the end for the world's largest religion, or can the old approach of the Gnostics transform all of its tenets into a liberating force of body, mind and spirit for the 21st Century human? And perhaps this transformation might influence the other Abrahamic faiths before we are plunged into another World War/Crusade.

Astral Guest— Tom Harpur, author of `The Pagan Christ' and `Water Into Wine'.

Topics Discussed:

--Tom's journey from an Anglican Priest to a Gnostic and a Mystic.
--Is it possible that the Gospel writers themselves new they were creating an allegory for the ages and not a historical account?
--The benefits of taking the Bible entirely allegorically as a means for inner transformation instead of a tool for exterior dogma.
--Why Liberal Theology is just as dangerous as Fundamentalism in our modern times.
--Understanding the key elements of the gnosis of Saint Paul.
--How the Gnostics got it right and how their teachings can help resuscitate Christianity.
--Yet more evidence on the non-historicity of Jesus, but an avatar of many rising/dying godmen in the Eternal Champion Saga.

And mucho mas!

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Next week we take a course on `A Course In Miracles' in order to find if it has Gnostic or other occult elements.



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